AP History Mr. Dunn Chapter 16 Study Guide

AP History
Mr. Dunn
Chapter 16 Study Guide
Important Terms, People, and Ideas
Plains Indians
Frederick Jackson Turner
Concentration Policy
Transcontinental Railroad
Chinese Exclusion Act
Sand Creek Massacre
Homestead Act
Little Big Horn
Mining Boom
Chief Joseph
Cattle Kingdom
Ghost Dance
Wounded Knee
The Dawes Act
Impact of the Railroad
Barbed Wire
Farmer Grievances
1. Describe the Caste system of the Southwest.
2. Describe the similarities and differences in the Plains Indians.
3. Explain the impact the buffalo had on the culture of the Plains Indians.
4. Describe the weaknesses of the Plains Indians.
5. Describe the reasons behind the Taos Indian Rebellion.
6. Describe the impact that the status of statehood had on the Californios.
7. Why did white opinion turn hostile towards Chinese immigrants?
8. What did Chinese immigrants do after the transcontinental railroad was complete?
9. Describe the stipulations of the Chinese Exclusion Act.
10. Describe the stipulations of the Homestead Act.
11. Describe the racial assumptions of white employers in the West.
12. Describe the several stages of settlement associated with a gold rush.
13. List the less glamorous natural resources that were more important than gold and silver.
14. Describe the role of the railroad in the rise and fall of the cattle kingdom.
15. List the different groups of people who competed for western land.
16. Describe the reasons why women gained the right to vote in the west.
17. Create an outline for the Romance of the West section (please staple it as the back page).
18. Describe the impact that the railroad had on the development of the Plains.
19. Describe the two special problems faced by people on the Plains and their solutions to the problems.
20. Describe the three major grievances of the Farmers.
AP History
Mr. Dunn
Chapter 16 Time Line
Create a timeline for the following people and events.
Sand Creek Massacre
Battle of Little Big Horn
Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce
The Ghost Dance
Wounded Knee
The Dawes Act
Your timeline must be typed and should include:
 a title
 a date and title for each event
 a summary including who, what, when, where, and impact
o written in paragraph form
 a minimum of 7 pictures (one per topic)