AP History Mr. Dunn Chapter 13 Study Guide The Impending Crisis: 1820-1860

AP History
Mr. Dunn
Chapter 13 Study Guide
The Impending Crisis: 1820-1860
Important Terms, People, and Idea
Manifest Destiny
Stephen Austin
The Alamo
Santa Anna
San Jacinto
Opposition to
54 40 or Fight
Oregon Trail
James K. Polk
Mexican War
Bear Flag Revolt
Treaty of Guadalupe
Mexican Cession
Wilmot Proviso
Gold Rush
Compromise of 1850
Henry Clay
Ostend Manifesto
Gadsden Purchase
Kansas Nebraska Act
Bleeding Kansas
Republican Party
Pottawatomie Massacre
Brooks and Sumner
Free Soil
Slave power conspiracy
Dred Scott
Lincoln Douglas Debate
Freeport Doctrine
John Brown
Harpers Ferry
Election of 1860
1. Describe the justification for Manifest Destiny.
2. Why did some prominent politicians fear the idea of Manifest Destiny?
3. Why did the Mexicans allow Americans to colonize in Texas?
4. Why did friction arise between Mexico and Texas?
5. Describe the reaction of Texas after they were denied statehood.
6. Describe the idea of joint occupation in Oregon.
7. Describe the different reasons/visions people had for going west.
8. Describe the relationship between the migrants and the Indians along the Oregon Trail.
9. Where was the boundary of the Oregon country placed? When?
10. Describe Polk’s covert actions involving California and explain how this ties in with
his action to send troops across the Rio Grande.
11. In which three areas did the US receive victories in order to win the Mexican
American War?
Create a timeline including the following events:
Missouri Compromise
Mexican American War/Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Wilmot Proviso
Compromise of 1850
Gadsden Purchase
Ostend Manifesto
Kansas Nebraska Act
Bleeding Kansas
Brooks and Sumner Affair
Dred Scott
Lincoln Douglas Debate
John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry
Election of 1860
Your timeline should include:
 a title
 a date and title for each event
 a summary including who, what, when, where, and why—written in paragraph
 a minimum of 6 pictures