Short Story Terms EN07 1. Setting

Short Story Terms EN07
1. Setting
Where and when a story takes place
2. Characters
Any person or thing that has a role in the story
3. Characterization
The technique used by the author to make the character seem
The reader infers personality traits through the character’s
words, actions, thoughts, and reactions to other characters
The author comes right out and tells the reader the character’s
4. Conflict
The problem in the story; a struggle between opposing
person v. person
person v. self
person v. nature
person v. society
character against character
character against guilt, anger, fear
character against flood, blizzard, Jaws
character against law, groups
conflict within a character
conflict outside a character
5. Climax
The most exciting part; turning point of the story
6. Resolution
The outcome of the story; solution to the conflict(s)
7. Rising Action
The events that lead to the climax
8. Falling Action
The event that occur after the climax which lead to the
9. Theme
The main idea, message of the story
10. Point of View
The perspective the story is told from
first person
third person
character within the story tells the events “I” “we”
narrators tells the events of the story “he” “she” “they”
all-knowing, unlimited knowledge of all characters
11. Exposition
The introduction of character and the plot at the
beginning of the story
12. Foreshadowing
the author’s use of hints or clues to suggest what might
happen later in the plot
13. Flashback
a stop in the present action to reflect on something that
happened at an earlier time