SRC Meeting Minutes January 23 2007

SRC Meeting Minutes
January 23rd, 2007
5-6 pm, S-403
 Tonya commenced the meeting at 5.10 pm
 Attendance
Members Present: Tonya, Zoe, Maithilee, Adriel, Peter, Uthra, Karuna, Mysoon,
Members Absent: John, Ola
 Approval of the agenda
Adriel moved to approve the agenda.
Karuna seconded
Agenda approved
 Approval of Minutes(Jan 16th)
Zoe moved to approval of minutes
Adriel seconded.
Minutes Approved
 New Business
A. President’s Update
o Motion to be held about SRC money problem. I dunno you said
there would be a motion the next day about the money matters.
You can omit this line if it doesn’t make sense. SRC to have
money in about 3 weeks.
o CSS meetings discussed controlled closed down on some areas of
campus after 1 am.
o Zoe to schedule a meeting between Mysoon and Lesley.
 Vice Presidents Update
o Office hours are mandatory. Warnings to be issued to members for
skipping office hours.
o Patrick did not attend office hours this week.
 Finance Manager’s Update
Zoe to talk to Mysoon about SRC finance matters.
 Community Activities Coordinator Update
Karoona is in the process of planning events to be held on 30th or 31st of January.
 Communications Coordinator Update
Patrick suggested SRC advertising to be done on the internet and promotion of the
 Residence Center Coordinator Update
Rez Monitors to start working this week.
 Webmaster’s Update
o Peter uploaded the minutes for January 16th
 Other Business
SRC meeting to be held from 6-7 pm on February 27th.
 Adjournment
Zoe moved to adjourn the meeting at 5.35 pm
Adriel seconded
Meeting adjourned.