Margie Domingo

Margie Domingo
Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Margie Domingo has always
appreciated and respected good writing. Educated in a Denver elementary
school near what is now known as Thornton, Colorado, Margie was raised
on a farm where both her parents worked in the fields. She also learned to
work with her parents and older sister, when they were not attending
school. She graduated from Mapleton High School, and because her family
couldn’t afford to finance furthering her college education, she began a
working career immediately.
While employed at US West, Margie pursued adult classes part time,
through the Community College of Denver and it was through her English
courses, she found herself writing poetry and short stories, with wide
acclaim from her professors and fellow students.
Finally, at Regis University in Denver, Margie received her Bachelor
of Science Degree in Technical Management with a minor in Sociology.
After retiring from US West, Margie self-published her first
collection of poetry entitled, “Let My Existence Be Born.” It was widely
accepted, and she began reading poetry throughout Colorado. She has read
in several art galleries in Denver, as well as coffee shops, and several
middle, elementary and high schools throughout Denver and Boulder. She
has read at the University of Colorado, Denver University, Parks Junior
College of Denver, the University of Denver, College of Law, Metro State
College, and the University of Wyoming at Laramie. She has enjoyed
reading at Colorado Springs, Estes Park, Boulder and Pueblo and outside of
Colorado. Several states have welcomed her as a guest poet, San Antonio,
Texas; Tampa, Florida; Ft. Myers, Florida; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.
In 1993 she self-published her second book of poetry entitled, “Let Me
Walk Beside You”, which also inspired her to produce a small chap book of
poetry, “Las Mujeres de Aztlan.”
Eventually Margie became more involved with the community as a
volunteer in Museums and Art Galleries that recognized the culture of La
Raza. She began working part time as a teacher at Escuela Tlatelolco
Centro de Estudios, in Denver, Colorado. She realized the value of
participating in the voice of the people who sought social equality and
justice, which came out in her poetry and presentations.
After nine years at the Escuela, she realized she was able to
influence her students with her passion to writing and reading literature.
More importantly, she guided them to believe in themselves, and to be
proud of their heritage. As she witnessed each graduating class, she was
proud to send her students off to challenge their hopes and dreams, with
the confident belief they will succeed in whatever they set out to do.
Currently, Margie is in her 12th year as an ESL (English as Second
Language) instructor in Commerce City, CO, through the Adams County
School District 14, with a majority of Spanish speaking adult learners.