Press Release - Rocky Mountain Map Society

International Conference and Map Fair, July 26-29, Denver, Colorado
Press Release: January 13, 2012
Conference organizer: Tom Overton, E-mail:, 303-302-2742 (not for publication)
Map Fair organizer: Myron West, E-mail:, 307-631-8599 (not for publication)
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The Rocky Mountain Map Society, in conjunction with the Texas Map Society, will present an international
conference, “The Mapping of North America: The Westward Expansion,” July 26-27, 2012. This event will be
immediately followed by the “Map Fair of the West,” July 28-29, 2012.
The conference will be hosted by the University of Denver on July 26-27, 2012, and will focus on the exploration
and mapping of the North American continent and the evolving concepts of its frontiers. Twelve eminent
speakers, including noted British author Philip Burden (keynote speaker) and experts from the Library of Congress,
the Newberry Library and the Huntington Library, will give map-related presentations on American history,
geography, geology, cartography, and digital mapping. Topics will range from the earliest concepts of the “New
World” to recent technological developments in the depiction of cartographic information.
Participants will learn how early mapmakers struggled with conflicting cartographic information and shifting
borders as America evolved from thirteen colonies, through its western expansion and the gold rush, to the
present day. See what Colorado looked like before it became a state. Seating at the University of Denver’s
beautiful Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management is limited, so register online early at .
Registration includes two days of knowledgeable presentations, lunches, local transportation from conference
hotels, and two receptions.
Registration to the Conference will include entry to the "Map Fair of the West," also hosted by the Rocky
Mountain Map Society on July 28-29, 2012 at the Denver Public Library. Sixteen antiquarian map dealers from
across the United States and Europe will exhibit a vast array of genuine antique maps for map lovers of all
persuasions. (Open to the public. $10 admission.) See for details.
Conference Speakers and Topics:
Philip Burden, author of “The Mapping of North America” – Westward Expansion, first glimpses
Dr. John Hessler, Senior Cartographic Librarian, Library of Congress – The early representation of America
Wesley A. Brown, Founder, Rocky Mountain Map Society – Colorado mapping from 1540 to 1861
William J. Warren, Huntington Library, Los Angeles – Alexander McKenzie’s pre-Lewis & Clark explorations
Dr. Susan Schulten, University of Denver – Mapping the origins of the Colorado Territory
Dr. Imre Demhardt, University of Texas, Arlington – German explorations of the American West in the 1850s
Dr. Stephen Hoffenberg, member, Rocky Mountain Map Society – Trans-Appalachian Mapping
Dr. Margaret Pearce, University of Kansas – Territorial Expansion and mapping in the upper Great Lakes
Dr. Angel Abbud-Madrid, Colorado School of Mines – Mapping the US/Mexican Border
Dr. John Miller Morris, University of Texas, San Antonio – Railroad mapping from the Gulf to the Rockies
Dr. James Akerman, Newberry Library, Chicago – 20th Century American road maps
David Rumsey, founder, Cartography Associates – New work with digital tools for historical maps