Project Guidelines Calculus 1371

Project Guidelines
Calculus 1371
1. The project consists of writing the solutions to two problems. They should be
treated separately in the sense that they are written as separate projects but staples
together so start problem 2 on a new sheet. The second page should have a table
of contents.
2. Your finished projects should have a cover sheet which lists all the names of the
group members and your section number.
3. Both problems should have an introduction which states the problem. (use the
actual assignment)
4. Solve and completely discuss your solutions. Be sure to carefully read the
instructions and supply all the requested information.
5. Accompany the solutions with a professional and appropriate diagram which is
correctly labeled with names variables (tell me what the variables represent in
words also).
6. Present each solution in a neat and orderly fashion working from top to bottom
(meaning not scattered all over the page).
7. The whole project must be typed even the mathematical equations and
expressions (Microsoft Word contains an equation editor).
8. After each of the projects has been set up to be solved by Newton’s method I want
you to
a. State f(x)
b. State f’(x)
c. Find an interval for the solution of f(x)=0
d. State Newton’s method (what are you about to do and why)
e. Make an educated guess about x1.
f. Show the computation for x2 by showing the substitution of x1 into
Newton’s formula
g. Use a calculator to compute successive xn’s until a solution is reached ( I
want you to include all these: x1 to xn the solution)
9. Introduce each solution by paraphrasing the problem and demonstrate an
appropriate test of the solution.
10. Include an argument as to why your cost is indeed a minimum. This might use the
first derivative test or another argument. Also remember to include all other
requirements in your solution such as the non-real complex solutions to the
polynomial equation as well as a discussion of extraneous roots when it applies.
11. Make a few statements discussing the solution (this will be a conclusion).
1. Tuesday Nov 25
2. Tuesday Dec 9
first draft due
final draft due