Ad Hoc Report Procedures reports, which are statistical reports in Horizon.

CEF Horizon Documentation
Ad Hoc Report Procedures
This is one way to create and manipulate the ad hoc
reports, which are statistical reports in Horizon.
To generate a report, do the following:
In Horizon:
1. Find the icon on the navigation bar that is labeled
“Ad Hoc Reports.” It should be in the Circulation or
Administration folder
2. Double click on the icon to start Ad Hoc Reports.
3. Choose one report type from the left column, for
example “Monthly Circulation Detals.”
4. Choose one or more locations from the right column. Be
sure to deselect any locations you don’t want
reporting on.
5. Choose the date as of which you want statistics. For
example, if interested in last month for a monthly
report, choose the last day of last month. If
interested in the statistics for last year as a whole
(this won’t work completely until you’ve been on
Horizon a whole year) choose the last day of the year
– the monthly report gives year to date figures.
6. Click the button that says “Save to File.” You could
print the report instead, but you will probably want
to edit it first.
7. When you choose “Save to File” a Windows dialog box
appears, allowing you to choose a destination and name
for your report. When you name your report, try to
give it a descriptive name such as
04MarchCircStats.txt. For this example, save it to
your “My Documents” folder.
8. When the progress bar shows that the report has
finished generating, you can close the Ad Hoc Reports
CEF Horizon Documentation
9. Minimize Horizon and find the file you just created by
going to My Documents. Double Click on the file.
The file should open in Windows Notepad. Or, you
could open Word first and open the file in Word.
You will notice many line of zeros, since the
report includes all the collection codes and
statistical categories in all CEF libraries. You can
highlight and delete any of the zero lines you want to
eliminate at this point, making a more compact report.
You will probably want to delete all of the in-house
statistics, unless you collect them. If you make a
mistake and delete something you wanted to keep, such
as a total, there is an Edit-undo option in the menu
When satisfied, save and print.
There are many other ways to do this task,
including using Excel. You might want to experiment
with opening the file using Excel. Once you find the
right options, you could produce charts and graphs.