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Internet Accessibility
Hyun Woo Jo
Alessandra Zimmermann
Alissa Ebong
Maddison Brumbaugh
David Carter
What is Internet Accessibility?
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25 million people in need
National Federation for the Blind sued America Online
in 1999
Workforce Investment Act 1998 revision of Section 508
◦ Federal Government has to provide alternative access for
those with disabilities in their employ
Americans with Disabilities Act
◦ Requires accommodations for employees with disabilities
World Wide Web Consortium created the Web
Accessibility Initiative of 1998
◦ Focus on expanding protocols and data formats to make the
internet more accessible
Available Methods
For the hearing impaired:
 A special sound card can be used to amplify the sound.
 Signals that are usually represented through sound can be displayed on
the screen instead.
For the hand mobility deficits:
 Keyboard-Assisted Navigation- Although it is inconvenient at times, the
tab, arrow, and enter keys can be used to move through the page.
 On-Screen Keyboard Navigation- a light unit is at the top of the
monitor and allows the users to move and position the cursor.
 Voice Recognition Software- the users can voice their commands
through a headset or microphone.
For the sight impaired:
 Braille screens are used with different screen-reading applications.
 The Screen Readers will read out and describe the content of the
 Voice Recognition can be paired with screen readers so that the
computer content and the user input can be managed verbally.
Future Options
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Our Opinions
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