Parable Crossword 1 Name _______________________________________________________ Date ____________ Per. ______________

Name _______________________________________________________ Date ____________ Per. ______________
Parable Crossword 1
1. the greatest law is said to be loving God with not only
your heart, but also these three things (3 wds)
3. symbolic in the parable of the sower of the temptations
of pleasure and wealth
6. symbolic in the parable of the sower of those whose faith
lacks the strength to endure temptation and tribulation (2
11. amount one servant owed his fellow servant (equal to
several thousand dollars now – illustrating how much we
should forgive others) (3 wds)
13. the first person to pass by the man beaten on the road to
Jericho, in obedience of purity laws
14. this was buried in a field and the field was then
purchased to get this; symbolic of how we should sacrifice
anything for heaven (2 wds)
2. amount the servant owes his king, but could not pay back
(equivalent to a few BILLION dollars now) (3 wds)
4. parable which illustrated how the kingdom of God would
grow (2 wds)
5. this had been useless for three years and now was going
to be given one more year (2 wds)
7. what the lawyer wanted to obtain, leading him to
question Jesus (2 wds)
8. the second person to pass by the man beaten on the road
to Jericho
9. people in the parable of the net who used the net
10. man who cares for the beaten man, leaves money for
innkeeper, promises more when he returns (2 wds)
12. person we are told to love “as ourselves”, leading to the
Good Samaritan parable
Parable Crossword 2
1. parable about a man who is fired, then reduces the
amount owed to his master (actually, his commission) to
gain future employment (meant to symbolize sacrificing
wealth in this life for heavenly rewards) (2 wds)
2. parable about a man who stores all his wealth for future
life of comfort, only to die and face damnation (2 wds)
5. selfish people will be sent here for their lack of charity (2
6. at the end of the world, it is said all people will be
separated as these two animals are (2 wds)
11. poor man denied the scraps from the rich man’s table,
dies and goes to heaven
12. equal pay that each worker received, though some
worked a full day and others just an hour (representing
people who disapproved Jesus forgiving sinners)
13. name of child who wastes half his father’s inheritance,
only to turn back when this leads to his ruin (2 wds)
1. Jesus says we must visit these two types of people, just
as if they were God (2 wds)
3. Father has this killed to celebrate the return of his son (2
4. Abraham tells the rich man that if his five brothers did
not listen to these, they would not listen should someone
rise from the dead
7. unit of money given to three servants, to invest for their
king (the parable was so widely regarded to represent our
God-given abilities that this word came to mean that)
8. word the older son uses to describe his relationship to his
father (mirroring the attitude many Jews had towards the
Law and their relationship to God)
9. another name for a tax collector – this man prayed
humbly, regretting his sins, while the Pharisee showed
arrogance when he prayed
10. a person was thrown out of the great supper for not
wearing one of these; thought to be symbolic of those who
accept religion without doing good deeds (2 wds)