Name:__________________________ Date:______ Period:_____ Coordinate Geometry Proofs: Review Sheet

Coordinate Geometry Proofs: Review Sheet
Date:______ Period:_____
Ms. Anderle
Review Sheet
The exam is worth 90 points and it will consist of:
 10, 3-point multiple choice questions.
o Review Questions (logic)
o 7 true/false questions dealing with quadrilaterals & quadrilateral properties
 9 Part II questions (various points)
o Distance, Midpoint, Slope (numbers)
o Distance, Midpoint, Slope – literal coordinates (letters)
o Quadrilateral word problems (trapezoid, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus,
 3 coordinate geometry proofs
o Parallelogram
o Rectangle
o Rhombus
o Square
1) Draw out the Quadrilateral Family True
2) List the properties of a parallelogram.
3) List the properties of a rhombus.
4) List the properties of a rectangle.
5) List the properties of a square.
6) List the properties of a trapezoid.
7) Find the length between point A(2a, a + b) and B(0, -a + b).
8) Find the length between point R(3k, 2b) and D(4k, 2b + 6)
9) What is the slope of B(m + n, 2m) and N(n, m + 2n)?
10) What is the midpoint of A(8x, 2y) and B(x, 7y)?
11) If the midpoint of segment JH is (7, 4) and J(5, 2), what is the coordinate of H?
12) M(7, 8) is the midpoint of segment AB. If A(14, 2) what is the coordinate of B?
13) How are CD and AB related if C(7, 8) and D(1, 1) and A(8, 11) and B(2, 4)?
14) What is the slope of P(0, 4) and Q(8, 2)?
15) In rectangle PQRS, diagonals PR and QS meet at T. If PT = 4, find the length of TR,
TQ, PR, and QS.
16) In parallelogram ABCD, the measure of <A exceeds the measure of <B by 26 degrees.
Find the degree measure of <B.
17) In rectangle ABCD, the length of diagonal AC is represented by 6b – 2 and the length
of diagonal BD is represented by 4b + 2. Find the value of b, AC, and BD.
18) The length of the shorter diagonal AC of rhombus ABCD is 7 and the measure of <ABC
= 60 degrees, find the length of a side of the rhombus.
19) In isosceles trapezoid ABCD, the measure of <ADC = 4x + 20 and the measure of <DAB
= 8x – 20. Find the value of x, <ADC, <DAB, <BCD, and <ABC.
21) Show that quadrilateral ABCD is a parallelogram. A(-2, 2), B(1, 4), C(2, 8) and D(-1, 6).
20) Prove that quadrilateral with vertices P(1,1), H(5,1), I(5,3), L(1,3) is a rectangle.
22) Show that quadrilateral JUAN is a rhombus such that J(4,2), U(7,3), A(8,6), N(5,5).
23) Prove that WXYZ is a square if the coordinates of the vertices are: W(-6,9), X(-2,9),
Y(-2,5), Z(-6,5).