Paper due on June 6 , 2007

Paper due on June 6th, 2007
4 pages, Double spaced
Times New Roman
Size 12
1 inch margins
Proper Heading (as explained in class)
Be sure to PROOFREAD. Points taken off for grammar and spelling
 Address how, during your service experience, you have respected the human dignity of
others, contributed to the common good, and acted in solidarity with others.
 Be sure your paper reflects an understanding of the Principle of the Life and Dignity of the
Human Person, Common Good and Solidarity. I don’t need definitions of what they are, I
need to know that you know what they mean.
 Address how a just society can be achieved in today’s world and how your service has
contributed to making our society more just.
 Make sure to include at some point, where you work, who you work with, etc., might be
good in the intro.
 Your paper should be coherent and in proper format with an introduction and a closing