St. Francis Preparatory School

St. Francis Preparatory School
6100 Francis Lewis Blvd. Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
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2006-2007 Christian Service Course
3rd Quarter Site Supervisor Evaluation
Dear Supervisor:
Thank you for continuing to work with this student volunteer in your program. Your evaluation will be heavily considered in the
determination of his/her quarterly grade. Completed evaluations may be returned to the student who needs to return it in class by
Thursday March 22nd , 2007.
Thank You for your time,
Mr. William Vogelson
Service Instructor
Student’s Name: __________________________________________________
Agency: _________________________________________________________
According to your records what is the TOTAL number of hours served by this student from
January 20th, 2007 – March 23rd, 2007 ?
________________________________ hours
This student needs to turn this evaluation in by Thursday March 22nd , 2007.
If they will volunteer on March 23rd, please credit them the hours.
Please evaluate this volunteer by checking off the appropriate boxes:
Excellent Very Good Good Average Fair Poor
Please use this space or the back of the page to further comment on the contribution of this volunteer.
Supervisor’s Signature