St. Francis Preparatory School 2007-2008 Christian Service Course 2

St. Francis Preparatory School
6100 Francis Lewis Blvd. Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
(P) 718-423-8810 (F) 718-224-2108
2007-2008 Christian Service Course
Quarter Site Supervisor Evaluation
Dear Supervisor:
Thank you for continuing to work with this student volunteer in your program. Your evaluation will be heavily considered in the
determination of his/her quarterly grade. Completed evaluations may be returned to the student who needs to return it in class by
Wednesday January 16th, 2008.
Thank You for your time,
Mr. William Vogelson
Service Instructor
Student’s Name: __________________________________________________
Agency: _________________________________________________________
According to your records what is the TOTAL number of hours served by this student from
11/10/07- 1/17/08? This evaluation is due 1/16/08 so if the student will serve on 1/17/08
please credit them the hours.
________________________________ hours
Please evaluate this volunteer by checking off the appropriate boxes:
Excellent Very Good Good Average Fair Poor
Please use this space or the back of the page to further comment on the contribution of this volunteer.
Supervisor’s Signature