Jim Crow Laws Name ___________________________

Jim Crow Laws
Name ___________________________
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Which president was responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation?
What was the name of the Abolitionist Republicans that pushed to end slavery?
Why didn’t Lincoln announce his plans at the start of the Civil War?
Which battle helped the North (Union) feel confident enough to make the announcement?
When did he read the “Proclamation”?
Which amendment really legally ended slavery?
Which amendment gave black men the right to vote?
What did the 14th Amendment give to former slaves?
What profession did Booker T. Washington have?
What was his plan for his students?
Why was Homer Plessy arrested?
Who was the first editor of the NAACP’s magazine “The Crisis”?
In World War II, what job did the Tuskegee airmen have?
In the case of Brown vs. Board of Education, what happened to the black lawyer for the
Brown family later in life?
What did the lawsuit seek to allow Linda Brown to do?