Midterm Review

Midterm Review
The following are terms and topics that will be on the Midterm
Universal Call to Holiness
Human Dignity
St. Francis
St. Clare
Canonization Process
Saints/Communion of Saints
Liturgical Year
o Advent
o Christmas
o Lent
o Easter Triduum
o Easter
o Pentecost
o Ordinary Time
o Immaculate Conception
Forms of Prayer:
o Blessings and Adoration
o Petition
o Intercession
o Thanksgiving
o Praise
o Creed
Types of Prayer
o Vocal
o Meditation
o Contemplative
Marks of the Church
o One
o Holy
o Catholic
o Apostolic
Hierarchy of the Catholic Church
o Apostolic Succession
o Laity
Ecumenical Councils
The Mass
o Liturgy of the Word
o Liturgy of the Eucharist
o Consecration
o Real Presence
The Seven Sacraments
o Sacraments of Initiation
 Baptism
 Eucharist
 Confirmation
o Sacraments of Healing
 Reconciliation
 Anointing of the Sick
o Sacraments of Service of Communion
 Matrimony
 Holy Orders