Joint Update #1

2008 JIT Negotiation Update #1
The 2008 contract negotiation teams have completed phase one of the Interest Based Bargaining
framework. During this phase, both teams shared issues and concerns as topics for discussion. A
list of interests related to the issues was developed by each team. The interest statements clarify
the aspects of the issue that the parties wish to address. Each interest was considered in
individual caucus and rated as either mutual or other. As the options or possible solutions are
generated, each will be compared to the list of interests so that all will be addressed. Our goal is
to craft an agreement that meets the needs and concerns of the UMPNC and its members and the
The list of topics or issues developed through our discussions includes:
Staffing, Workload and Variable Activity
Professional Development Framework
Impact of Absences
Professional Development
Bargaining Unit Security/Stability
Recruitment and Retention
Professional Nursing
Health and Safety
Inclement Weather
The second phase of the interest based process is to continue discussions related to the issues and
interests and to jointly generate options to address them. We have begun the topic by topic/issue
by issue generation of options.
This process creates relationships between the parties that recognize a mutual interest in
achieving success through an agreement that includes objective standards and criteria, well
crafted commitments, effective communication and provisions that are customized to the issues,
both mutual and individual. In addition, the teams are focused on developing contract language
that is clear, concise, objective and unambiguous.
Future updates will review the developed interests (mutual and other) around the above list of
topics or issues.
Please note: The options will not be shared via these updates as each individual option may
or may not be utilized in the final packaging process.
The 2008 UMHS/UMPNC Joint Negotiation Team