Homework Policy Homework packet Math: ELA:

Homework Policy
Homework packet is given out every Monday and is due every Friday
Math: 2 pages of review covering last week’s content
ELA: Spelling practice and Grammar practice (Also, nightly reading)
Science/Social Studies: Informational text (use the reading
strategies learned in class to answer multiple choice questions)
Reading Log: You should read every night and complete that day’s
reading response. The reading response should be done in complete
sentences. The total number of minutes for the week must equal 120
minutes or more. That means you should read, on average, 20 minutes per
day to reach the minimum requirement of 120 minutes.
Agenda: Fill out your agenda every class period by writing the lesson
topic. Write down any reminders or announcements for that day. For long
term projects, we recommend you write down the assignment multiple
times along with the due date.