FY101-YAW Hunt

The FY101 Yawkey Center for Student Services Scavenger Hunt
1. Name the two restaurants in the basement of the Center for Student Services.
2. Name two menu items from the menu outside Marciano Commons on the first floor.
4. How long is a meeting with a Writing Fellow in the CAS Center for Writing?
5. Answer the question on the white board wall in the lounge of the CAS Office of
Student Programs and Leadership. Also, write your answer on this sheet below.
6. Find CAS Academic Advising and take a photo of your team in the lounge.
7. Find a staff member at the ERC and ask them how to make a tutoring appointment.
8. Which office edits cover letters and resumes and on which floor is this office located?
Take a picture of your group in the coziest chairs there.