ionLiNE Lithography Platform for Nanofabrication Lloyd Peto

RAITH ionLiNE: An Integrated Ion Beam
Lithography Platform for Nanofabrication
Lloyd Peto
Product Manager
Ion Beam Lithography Group
Raith GmbH
With the rapid growth in nanofabrication science and technology, the need for more flexible and direct
nano-patterning systems is on the increase, where the typical requirement for such systems is automation;
high resolution patterning over large areas; accurate overlay; patterning over long time period, and 3-D
nano-structuring. For these demanding tasks, Raith has designed the ionLiNE, which is world’s first
dedicated ion beam lithography (IBL) instrument. IBL patterning does not require resist processes and is
enabling a growing range of unique applications that reduce process complexity for rapid prototyping.
This seminar will present an overview of the ionLiNE in terms of its capabilities as an enabling
nanofabrication platform and as well discuss the latest results from advanced IBL tasks that have been
achieved to date. These results include batch nanopore fabrication at the wafer level for biomolecule
sensing, 3D microfluidic mixing channels, large area diamond film patterning, x-ray zone plates, and
large area gratings for photonics and plasmonics.
Monday March 19, 2012
2:00 – 3:00 PM
Venue: Allen 101 Conference Room