Class Policies and Proceedures

Mr. Yost
[email protected]
W: Wisdom: The sum of learning through the ages
A: Accountability:
R: Respect:
human beings
An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility
Treating others as you would want to be treated.
Understanding that all people have value as
R: Reliability: Worthy of being depended on
I: Integrity: Being honest, trustworthy and incorruptible
O: Ownership: Being responsible for your actions
R: Responsibility: Having a sense of duty to fulfill tasks with
reliability, dependability, and commitment
Office Hours
Room 323/320
Before School 7:00 – 7:25
Lunch 10:47 – 11:25
7th Block 1:13 – 2:45
After School 2:45 -
(Depends on the Season)
Your Responsibilities
Respect and Ownership
Be respectful towards yourself and others
Be respectful to the equipment used in class
Have a good attitude
Do your OWN work and take pride in it
Food and Drink
Accountability and Respect
You may have food in class if it does not
disturb others
You may have water in a clear plastic
NO, soda, coffee, etc …
Electronic Devices
Cell phones, ipods, mp3 players
Do not use them in class
Do not let me see them in class
(Respect, Integrity)
If any electronic devise is seen, it will be taken
by me and can be picked up at the end of the
day (Accountability, Ownership)
Please make sure your cell phone is off when
you come into class (Respect)
Accountability and Reliability
Paper and or Graph Paper
Graphing Calculator
Accountability and Reliability
Homework will be assigned daily
Homework will be due the next day, following the
completion of each section
Homework is graded on completion and on your effort.
To receive full credit, it is expected that all parts of each
question assigned are completed
Late work will be accepted by penalized (10 percent
drop/day). Late work will be accepted until the day of
the chapter test, after that no work from the chapter
will be accepted.
There is a possibility of a quiz everyday
Usually there will be a quiz every 2 to 4 sections
Tests/Test Corrections
Accountability, Reliability, and Wisdom
There will be at least one test per chapter
You are allowed to make 3 test corrections per
semester. The corrections must be done within 2 days
of getting your test back. You will earn half your
points back that you missed. (This excludes the last test
of the semester and the test over identities.
To take advantage of the test correction policy, you
must have completed all your homework for that unit.
Grading Scale
100 -90
59 – 0
Grade Break Down
Test Make-up
Responsibility and Ownership
If you miss a quiz/test you have 2 days to make
it up if the absences is excused
If the absences is unexcused no make up will be
All make up tests and quizzes must be done by
appointment with Mr. Yost
Hall Passes
 A hall pass will be taken whenever the
classroom is left.
 Please ask for permission
 Do not make a habit of there will be limitations
placed on an individual basis
 No hall passes will be given the first or last 10
minutes of class
 If you are tardy to class you forfeit all pass
Accountability and Ownership
 You will be allowed 2 free tardies per 9 weeks
with no questions asked. After 2 tardies you
will make up the same amount of time you
were late immediately after class. After 5
tardies you will be referred to the office.
 If you do not make up that time you will lose
one percentage point for every tardy you do
not make up
 If you are more than 15 minutes late to class it
will be considered an absences.
Attendance Policy
Accountability and Ownership
 3rd Unexcused Absences
10% Grade Reduction
 4th Unexcused Absences
20% Grade Reduction
 5th Unexcused Absences
30% Grade Reduction
 6th Unexcused Absences
40% Grade Reduction
 7th Unexcused Absences
50% Grade Reduction
Attendance Reward Policy
Accountability and Ownership
 If you have an A, are absent only 2 times, and have
turned in all your homework, you may drop your lowest
test grade for the quarter (not including the Final).
 If you have a B, are absent only once, and have turned
in all your homework, you may drop your lowest test
grade for the quarter (not including the Final).
 If you have a C, are not absent at all, and have turned
in all your homework, you may drop your lowest test
grade for the quarter (not including the Final).
Reward Policy Continued
 There is no distinction
between excused and
unexcused absences for
this reward policy.
 School activity absences
are not counted against
you in this policy
 2 Tardies count as one
absence in this reward