TO: ... FROM: ... Joan Mansfield

University Curriculum Committee
Jacquelyn Leebrick
Joan Mansfield
Gunnar Swanson
October 24, 2006
Communication Arts Curriculum Proposals
Proposed curriculum changes for the area concentrations of Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and
Animation/Interactive Design:
Revise the areas of Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography within the BFA degree of Art
in the School of Art and Design by removing the words “Communication Arts” from the names of
each of these concentrations.
The purpose of this change is to properly represent the areas of Illustration, Graphic Design, and
Photography to remain consistent with the other areas of concentration within the School of Art and Design.
In addition, the term “Communication Arts” does not specifically define these three disciplines and is
confused with the School of Communication within the College of Fine Arts and Communication.
2. Move the course descriptions for courses in the areas of graphic design, illustration and photography to
their respective areas within the catalogue (page 334, 335, 336, 337, 338)
These courses will move to their respective areas of concentration as a result of removing the term
“communication arts” from the BFA degrees with concentrations in graphic design, illustration and
In addition to the revision to the curriculum stated in #1, the following changes proposed:
Establish two new courses in the concentration of photography: ART 3270 (Color Photography) and
ART 3280 (Problems in Photography)
Photography is an area of concentration within the School of Art and Design for the degree of BFA
in Art in the School of Art and Design. The BFA degree in Art requires 30 s.h. in the area of
concentration. Two additional courses in photography are required to complete the course
offerings in the concentration of photography. ART 3270 (Color Photography) and ART 3280
(Problems in Photography) will be substituted in the photography concentration for ART 2210
(Concepts in Graphic Design Introduction to Graphic Design) and ART 3200 (Typography), which
are not photography courses.
The needs of the photography students were assessed and it was determined that the course content
of both Color Photography and Problems in Photography is consistent with the current direction of
the profession. These needs were established after discussion with professional colleagues from
similar programs at national and regional Society of Photographic Education conferences
(photography education’s professional organization). The courses have been offered as special
topics classes in spring 2005 and fall 2006. The classes have been fully enrolled and well received
by BFA photography majors.
Remove the prerequisites from the following courses in the photography area:
Remove prerequisite of ART 2210 from ART 3250
Remove prerequisite of ART 3210 from ART 4240
Remove prerequisite of ART 4220 from ART 4250
Justification: The listed prerequisite courses will no longer be required for photography BFA
Change the course number and title for Art 3230: Introduction to Illustration to ART 2230:
Illustration Survey. (page 318)
Remove prerequisites of ART 2200 or consent of instructor and
add prerequisites of ART 1015, 1030 to the new ART 2230.
Other places in the catalog where this course number change will need to be made:
Page 318: Under 3240. Illustration Media and Techniques, the prerequisite listed as ART 3230 will
change to ART 2230 or consent of instructor.
Page 319: Under 4230. Intermediate Illustration, the prerequisite listed as ART 3230 will change
to ART 2230 or consent of instructor.
In assessing the illustration concentration, a need is seen for a survey level course in the illustration
concentration to parallel the graphic design and photography concentrations. Additional
assessments by successful alums working in the field suggest greater accessibility and expansion of
the program. Moving the introductory illustration class to the sophomore/survey level would be the
first step in that positive direction.
Thank you for your consideration of these proposals.