Enhance the Distance Learning Experience

Enhance the Distance Learning
•Try to familiarise the students with the studio environment and
what to expect before the teaching commences, to prevent the
technology ‘getting in the way’ of the teaching and learning.
•Ensure room is set up in advance of lecture.
•Establish protocols for communication during the session – so
students know how and when they can interject, make
comment or ask questions.
•Nominate a “chair” at each of the locations.
Enhance the Distance Learning
 Encourage discussion between students – maybe by
setting up a mailing list for the course.
 Consider using other means to facilitate and expand on the
 for example, email can be used for students to ask
questions or nominate topics ahead of the session.
 Try to be inclusive – no-one should feel like an observer.
 Set up a Video User Group – exchange experiences, ideas
and best practice.