Essay 2: Evaluative Essay (Review) Final Draft Due 11/3


Essay #2: Review of a Product, Place, or Creative Work


Write a

three page

review of at least 900 words in which you evaluate and analyze a subject that

you choose

using a clear set of criteria and supporting your opinion with well thought out reasons, analysis, and descriptive details in the body of your essay.

Possible Subjects Review:

A film

A TV show

A book

A musical album

A restaurant or other business

A product (such as a vacuum cleaner or a specific type of toothpaste)


An essay that fulfills its purpose will do these three things:



Have a thesis that makes a clear claim about the subject of the review.

Describe the subject of the review fully and completely so that even a reader who has not


experienced it can understand your points.

Explain the criteria for evaluation you are using and how the subject of your review fulfills those criteria.


3 pages/900. This means that your essay must be

at least

to the bottom of the third page

when it is formatted correctly

. (See your syllabus for my formatting requirements.)


Use our class readings as models. We will be reading a variety of reviews as we progress through this section of the class. Also, I encourage you to read reviews of subjects you enjoy on your own time. What do these writers do that might work for you?

Questions to Consider:

What are the qualities that make your subject noteworthy? (Why might people be interested in your subject?)

How does your subject compare to other similar subjects? Is it better? Worse? What makes it unique?

Does your subject do anything especially well? Especially poorly?

Who is your audience? Who might want to know about whether or not your subject is worth their time/money?

Due Dates:

Rough Draft due

Friday, 10/16

(upload to folder on turnitin by 11:59 PM)

Comments on Peer Essays Due

Tuesday, 10/20

at beginning of class on turnitin.

Optional Revised Rough Draft due to turnitin at 11:59 PM on

Friday, 10/23

Final Draft due

Tuesday, 11/3 at beginning of class on turnitin