Math 112 Problem Solving Mrs. Renee Butler

Math 112 Sect 3.6 Pg 1
Math 112
Mrs. Renee Butler
Problem Solving
Section 3.6
1. You need to complete 120 hours of volunteer work for your school. You work
4-hour shifts at a tutoring center. If you have already volunteered 76 hours, how many
more 4-hour shifts do you need to work?
2. You and your brother receive a monetary gift and split the money evenly. You spend
$50 of your share leaving you with $70 to put into savings. What was the total amount
of the monetary gift?
3. You scored 15 points higher on your second exam than on your first exam because
you studied more. If the combined score of the two tests is 175, what was your score on
your first exam?
4. The perimeter of a rectangle is 300 feet. If the length is 30 less than twice the width,
find the dimensions of the rectangle.
Math 112 Sect 3.6 Pg 2
5. There are 150 members to a book club, and fees are $15 for students and $25 for nonstudents. Write an expression that represents the income the club receives in
membership fees.
6. Three less than 4 times a number is the same as the number increased by 18. What is
the number?
7. Two trains leave Carson City at the same time in opposite directions. After 6 hours,
the train going west was 3 times farther from Carson City than the train going east.
How far was the train going east from Carson City if the distance between the trains was
400 miles?