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Silent Spring article quiz

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1. Rachel Carson wrote her important work during a time when social
attitudes reflected the prevailing belief that science could solve most, if
not all, of the world’s problems. The chemical industry was booming at
this time and it encouraged this belief with slogans like, “better living
through chemistry.”
A) When (within 10 years) did Carson’s book get published?
B) What product, did Carson specifically target as the focus of her
influential book?
C) What was the name of this book?
D) What did the title refer to?
E) What was the message of the book?
F) What social movement did the book help start?
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2. List two obstacles that Carson overcame in convincing the public about
the negative impacts of this chemical.
3. What knowledge and/or skills did Carson possess that helped her succeed
in getting her message across to the public?