Study Guide - Spring 2015

Study Guide - Spring 2015
The exam will be a combination of multiple-choice and fill in the blank questions that will focus on what
we covered in the PowerPoint’s, Textbook, and class lectures. In class I have stressed the importance of
strategic thinking and so some of the questions will test your ability to think through an answer vs. just
memorizing. The following is a list of items that you should review in preparation for the exam.
Note that not every item on this list may be on the exam, and there may be items on the exam not on
this list.
Tactical Execution and Platforms
NOTE: This is an area where strategic thinking will be critical
o Understanding the audience / platform and how to use them
o Content and how to engage with your audience
o Paid advertising opportunities
o Understanding the audience / platform and how to use them
o How does a brand use Pinterest boards
o Paid advertising opportunities
Social Listening
o Who do you listen to
o What are the areas that social listening impacts
o What are the different tactics you can employ based on social listening
Website Analytics and Tools
o What metrics are important to look at?
o What Different metrics mean?
Content, Mobile, and Real Time Marketing
o How do you use content to achieve your goals?
o What are the ways a brand can leverage mobile?
o Understand the principles of real time marketing and how to use it
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