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Department of
East Carolina University
Dr. Syed M. Ahmed
Department Chair
Graduate Program Director
Dr. David L. Batie
Undergraduate Program Director
Mrs. Brenda Battle-Simms
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Amy Taylor
Secretary, Student Administration
Mrs. Kiya Bolds
Student Advisor
Facts About the CMGT Program
• We are beginning our 29th year as an academic program at ECU
• First accredited Construction Management program in North
• Accredited by the American Council for Construction Education
• Initial Accreditation in 1994
• Reaccredited in 1999 / 2005 / 2011
• Faculty members with professional and academic experience in
construction management, engineering, and architecture
• Over 2000 Alumni in a variety of professional positions
What is Construction Management?
• A diverse discipline focused on the delivery of
projects that compose the world's built environment.
• Multi classifications of the industry
• Management and Technical knowledge of varied
facets of the construction Industry
Who should be in CMGT?
Are you self-motivated / self-disciplined?
Are you a problem-solver?
Are you a creative thinker?
Do you work well in teams?
Do you have the ability to convince and persuade?
Do you have the ability to motivate?
Do you see the “big picture”?
Managers wear
many hats!
Where will a CMGT degree lead you?
Project Manager
Field Engineer
Site Superintendent
Chief Estimator
Chief Scheduler
Building Inspector
Facility Manager
Where you Might Work
• Although many construction managers work from a main
office, most work out of a field office at the construction site
where they monitor the project and make daily decisions
about construction activities.
• Construction managers held about 523,100 jobs in 2010. The
industries that employed the most construction managers in
2010 were as follows:
Nonresidential building construction
Residential building construction
Building equipment contractors
Heavy and civil engineering construction
Architectural, engineering, and related
• Average Starting Salary (BS degree) $54,000
• Average Annual Salary (PM) $92,000
– the highest 10 percent earned more than $150,250
• Salaried construction managers also may earn bonuses
and overtime pay.
• Population and business growth will result in new construction of
residential dwellings, office buildings, retail outlets, hospitals, schools,
restaurants, and other structures.
• In addition to new construction projects, a growing emphasis on
retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient will create
positions for construction managers.
• The need to address portions of the national infrastructure will lead to
projects of roads, bridges, and sewer pipe systems that are being upgraded
or replaced.
Employment of construction
managers is expected to grow
17 percent from 2010 to 2020.
Advanced Degrees?
• Master of Construction Management degree provides
advanced knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to be
leaders in an increasingly globalized construction industry.
• Mid-Career professionals for greater access to knowledge that
is essential for excelling in the industry
A graduate degree is not
required to begin working in
the profession.
CMGT Concentrations
• Students can select in their Junior Year one of the following
– Commercial Construction
– Residential Construction
– Infrastructure Construction
Degree Requirements
• Foundations Curriculum (42 s.h.)
– English, Health, Exercise, Humanities, Math, Science, Social Sciences
• Major Cognates (24 s.h.)
– Business and Management Courses, Environmental Issues, Trigonometry, Statistics, and
Technical Writing
• CMGT Courses (51 s.h.)
– Lower Division
– Upper Division (min 2.3 GPA and satisfactory completion of Lower Division classes)
• Concentration Electives (9 s.h.)
• Business Minor (optional)
Program Hours
126 SH Total
Degree Requirements
500 Hour Work Experience
How to achieve:
• Work with licensed Contractor(s)
• Staged milestones of completion
• Work while in CMGT program
Career Fairs
Career Development and
Leadership Center
Internships / Job Opportunities
Resumes / Interviewing Skills
Classes You Will Be Taking
FALL 2013 Basic Schedule
CMGT 2200 - Introduction to the Sustainable Built Environment
ENGL 1100 - English
ITEC 2000 or MIS 2223 - Computer Applications
CMGT 2210/2211 - Construction & Civil Materials
MATH 1065 - College Algebra
EXSS 1000 – Exercise Science
Schedule –16 semester hours
You still have time to be
involved in student
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Contact Information
Syed Ahmed (Department Chair)
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David Batie (Director Program Director)
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Amy Taylor (Secretary, Student Administration)
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Kiya Bolds (Student Advisor)
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