Meeting Minutes: September 22, 2010

Campus Recreation and Wellness
Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
I. Call to order
Karen Warren called to order the meeting of the Campus Recreation and Wellness
Advisory Council at 5:00 on 9/22/10 in the Student Recreation Center classroom
II. Roll call
Karen Warren conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:
Graham Brown, Dustin Wynne, Chelsea Corey, Anne Fisher, Patricia Lombardi,
Antonial Marshall, Alexa Hawkins, Jonathan Barefoot, Kathryn Connolly, John
Berger, Rhonda Kenny. Guests in attendance included, Janis Steele, Nance Mize,
Kelley Urban, Tara Smith, David Gaskins
III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
First meeting of the semester, will read minutes at next meeting.
IV. Old Business
a) Welcome and introductions
b) Karen sent out the constitution through e-mail to review. Review of purpose
and function of CRW Advisory Council
c) Previous suggestion of having a blog or online chat for the CRW Advisory
 Facebook group was created so that CRW Advisory Council can now
post online discussions and see meeting reminders. Please join by
searching groups for CRW Advisory Council.
 Email will still be used for official communication, meeting reminders,
minutes, etc.
V. New business
a) Nutrition program overview
 Tara Smith discussed her role on campus. Her role on campus is to do
nutrition outreach and programming. The difference between her role and
nutritionist for Student Health Service is that Campus Wellness
nutritionist focuses on prevention whereas Student Health Services
focuses on treatment. There is a nutritionist with Campus Dining/
Aramark, Janie Owens. They all work together as resources for students.
 Campus Wellness nutritionist will offer more programs like taste test
demo’s downstairs in the Recreation Center
Is collaborating with fitness on Shape Your Booty, a program that focuses
on weight loss.
Body image programs as they relate to eating disorders and weight loss are
available. Mannequins are out in front of the Wellness Center to promote
healthy body image.
Tara Smith and Graduate Assistant Kelley Urban provided a make your
own trail mix for the meeting.
b) Karen Warren asked the council for ideas and comments for improvement of
the Campus Recreation and Wellness Department
 Kathryn Connolly proposed idea of using the book, “Eat this, Not that” for
a nutrition program for students
 Antonial Marshall proposed idea of doing a nutrition program on having a
healthy heart.
 Anne Fisher discussed that signs and posters in bathrooms are helpful
 Several members suggested having more healthy food and drink options in
Center Court.
 John Berger discussed that students may think they are getting a healthy
replacement from smoothies in Center Court, but may be consuming a lot
of calories and sugar.
 Tara Smith suggested having a nutritional handout on calorie content for
Center Court that could help for nutrition awareness.
 Tara Smith discussed healthy vending machines downstairs by Center
Court. There are healthier options available in the vending machines
regulated by herself and Karen Warren.
 Karen Warren discussed inviting an Aramark representative to come to a
meeting to discuss options for Center Court
 Suggestion on having the Fitness Center in Jones opened an hour earlier
 Student Athlete Coalition involvement.
 Antonial Marshall discussed a Heart Walk he is organizing in memory of a
student who passed away last semester from heart complications.
c) Karen Warren discussed the Wellness Living Learning Community (WLLC).
 Students have to apply and were selected on best fit for criteria.
 Students will complete a health related service-learning project and take
health courses together.
 Plan on doubling enrollment next year and having current participants be
peer mentors for next year. The goal in the future is to have a whole
residence hall for the WLLC.
 A research study is being conducted with Dr.Mahar on body composition
with the students.
 A goal of WLLC is to increase student engagement and retention
d) The suggestion of having an addition of Alumni to the council was discussed.
John Berger motioned to add alumni to the council, Anne Fisher seconded
the motion. Vote passed unanimously to add alumni to the council.
Taylor Bell from Colleges against Cancer is interested in being an alumni
member of the council.
e) In future meetings a vote will approve all new council members.
f) Future agenda items
 Recommend having an Aramark representative for the council to discuss
ideas on Center Court.
 Club programs update.
 Discuss plans for fitness area for North Recreation Complex and West
Campus for students. Surveys indicate that more recreation and food are
needed on West Campus.
 Suggestion on using Orgsync, which is a good tool to use for
organizations for the university.
VI. Adjournment
Karen Warren adjourned the meeting at 5:54.
The next meeting is scheduled to take place on November 3, 2010 at 5:00.
Minutes submitted by: Chelsea Corey