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Why should I care?
• Heart Disease is the #1 cause of death in
the United States
• Heart disease and heart attacks can be
prevented by not smoking, avoiding
alcohol, exercising, and consuming a
balanced diet
• Some risk factors that can’t be changed:
Age, gender & genetics.
Smoking & Heart Health
• A smoker’s risk of developing heart disease is 2-4 times
greater than a non-smoker
• Exposure to secondhand smoke can even increase the
risk of heart disease for a nonsmoker!
Diet & Heart Health
• Consuming foods high in saturated fat, trans fat, and
cholesterol can attribute to plaque build-up in your arteries,
which can lead to heart disease.
• Eating a diet full of fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk & meats, as
well as whole grains will help you maintain a healthy heart.
• People who have excess body fat have a higher risk of
developing heart disease because it increases plaque buildup and the amount of work your heart has to perform.
Maintaining a healthy weight can lower your risk!
Alcohol & Heart Health
• Drinking too much alcohol can raise your blood
pressure which can then put you at risk of
developing heart disease.
• If you choose to drink alcohol you should always do
so in moderation.
• Moderation = 1 drink for women & 2 drinks for men
1 drink = 1 ½ fl.oz of 80 proof spirits
1 drink = 1 fl.oz of 100 proof spirits
1 drink = 5 fl.oz of wine
1 drink = 12 fl.oz of beer
Exercise & Heart Health
• An inactive lifestyle is a risk factor for heart disease!
• Regular physical activity
– helps prevent plaque build-up
improves cholesterol levels
lower blood pressure
helps control obesity
helps reduce stress, tension, anxiety and
depression, which are also risk factors for heart
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