The Truth About a

The Truth
About a
What is a Fad Diet?
A diet that gains popularity by making weight loss
and does
require exercise.
How to spot a fad diet
• Does the diet put foods into
“good” or “bad” categories?
• Does the diet lack scientific
• Does the creator of the diet
blame weight problems on
hormones or body chemistry?
• Does the diet suggest that
you buy a brand of snack bar,
drink, or supplement?
• Does the diet guarantee that
you can lose weight without
cutting calories or exercising?
• Does the diet base it’s claims
on supplements instead of
real food?
• Does the diet have strict rules
about when to eat meals?
Popular Fad Diets
Are Fad Diets Safe?
• Fad dieters often gain back weight as quickly as they
lost it
• Some fad diets don’t provide enough nutrients. The
brain needs a variety of nutrients to function
• Other fad diets provide too much saturated fat
which can cause heart problems and increase
cholesterol levels
• Fad diets can create confusion about what foods are
good for you
What should I do instead ?
• Listen to your body! Eat when you’re hungry and stop eating when
you’re satisfied
• Consume a diet low in fat that provides vegetables, fruits, lean meats,
fiber, whole grains, and low-fat milk
• Recognize that a safe weight loss goal is ½ to 2 pounds per week
• Limit the amount of high fat and high sugar foods and beverages
• Find ways to be active! Choose an exercise that you enjoy and will
continue to do
ECU Nutrition Resources
Free nutrition counseling for students:
Student Health Services 328-6841
Campus Dining [email protected]
For nutrition programs, contact
Campus Wellness at 328-5171