SHOTS FIRED! What Should You Do?

SHOTS FIRED! What Should You Do?
“FIGURE OUT” the situation. What is going on?
“GET OUT” if you determine that you can get out to a safer area.
Leave your belongings behind. The best way to survive an active shooter
situation is not to be where the shooter is and to not go where he can see
“CALL OUT” Call 9-1-1 and give description of shooter, location,
number, and type of weapons.
“HIDE OUT” If you can’t get out, then you must find a place to hide
“KEEP OUT” Hide in a room that can be locked with objects to hide
behind. Block the door with heavy furniture.
“SPREAD OUT” DO NOT huddle together. Quietly talk about what to
do if the shooter enters. Remain Calm.
”TAKE OUT” If you determine there is no other option than to take out
the shooter, be prepared to do whatever is necessary to neutralize the