Job Posting Title Job Title Job Purpose

Job Posting Title IRC6311
Job Title Senior Software Engineer
Job Purpose
We are looking for a creative and passionate engineer to join our Sunnyvale, CA
Imaging Development team, who will be responsible for creation of best Digital Imaging
products in various consumer markets
Key Responsibilities
Key responsibilities:
 Imaging development:
o Analyzing of Image and Video Quality bottlenecks and deficiencies and providing
creative solutions in the form of SW, tools, infrastructure
o Taking part in development of SW, tools and algorithmic solutions to the Image and
Video Quality problems that cannot be handled in the R&D lifecycle
o Configuring, calibration and optimization of Image and Video Quality of the
consumer products, based on the company’s proprietary digital imaging pipeline
 Outstanding problem solving and communication skills – both team player and individual
Person Specification Background:
 B.Sc. in hard sciences – must, EE – preferred, M.Sc. or Ph.D. – preferred
 Signal processing – must, Image processing – preferred
 SW programming in C – must, Matlab – preferred, embedded and/or C++ - preferred
 Outstanding record of achievements
 At least 2-3 years with SW/algorithm engineering
 Digital imaging experience – most preferred
o Image processing algorithms
o Image Quality or Video Quality
o Digital photography
o Color science
o CMOS or CCD sensors
 Exceptional new graduates will be considered in lieu of experience
Additional Information
CSR is a pioneering designer and developer of silicon and software for the consumer
electronics market. We help to transform the lives of motorists, photographers, music lovers,
mobile phone users and other gadget-loving consumers. CSR is dedicated to finding simple
solutions to complex problems. Using our track record working with leading brands, our
highly skilled engineers develop world-class technologies that realize the potential of a wide
range of devices to make peoples' lives and experiences easier, richer and more varied.
Our energies are focused on five sectors:
· Voice and music, including headsets, speakers and docks for high definition wireless
· Indoors Location, helping to bring the outdoors in and allowing people to find their way
around airports or shopping centers for example
· Automotive infotainment, driving innovative solutions for the auto industry with the
integration of smart phones and in-vehicle systems
· Bluetooth® Smart, capitalizing on low energy connectivity for a range of devices
· Imaging (cameras and printers), delivering integrated connectivity, location and imaging
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