Chris Montone

Chris Montone
As the market for apps continues to grow I believe it is important that we as a firm help to
create the secondary app market. The application EasyPlace will stand as a digital marketplace where
Apple users can come sell their used apps to other users. The revenue from this app will come from a
percentage, or finder’s fee, we take from every seller we help to connect with a buyer.
As the number of apps has increased the need for a used marketplace has also increased. Many
time people just delete their old apps either to make room in their storage or just to clean up their
digital interfaces. The problem with app deletion is that some of these apps could still have value to
someone else. This is the idea behind EasyPlace; we will help connect the person without any use for the
app with a user that values it. Value is created for both the seller and the buyer, but also for the Apple
App digital ecosystem as a whole. Once people sell their old apps they are more likely to take that
money and recirculate it back into the digital ecosystem, creating a stronger system for everyone
Revenue from the EasyPlace app will be generated via a finder’s fee, charged to the seller, for
completing the service of connecting them with a buyer. The amount of the charge will be 20% of what
the app sold for. After the sale is made we will also remain responsible for the successful transfer of the
application from seller to buyer, ensuring satisfaction for all side. EasyPlace will be the simple digital
marketplace of the future that will allow for the quick and easy sale of used apps.