Philosophy Department Mission Statement

Philosophy Department Mission Statement
The Philosophy Department at Marquette University aims to enable students in
all disciplines with the development of interpretive, critical, analytical and
communicative skills necessary to personal intellectual and moral development,
cultural literacy, and achievement in the complexities of life in the Twenty-First
Century. The Department aims to foster among faculty and students a climate
of mutual respect and support for engaging in scholarship, learning, and
service that embraces diversity, respect for historic traditions, and the pursuit
of knowledge in historic and contemporary approaches to philosophy. The
department aims to extend the role of philosophy beyond the university through
its publications and leadership in the profession and through innovative programs
that engage alumni and community members. As a philosophy department in a
Jesuit Catholic University, the Department encourages students and faculty to
engage in exploration of the Catholic tradition in the history of philosophy and an
examination of the role of philosophy in a life of faith and service. The
Department understands its mission in the context of the University’s Mission
statement. (Adopted 08/2009)