Discussion Question 3

Discussion Question 3
The TA and I have been searching for days to find an interesting data set that can be used to test
whether two means are equal. The criterion I want is:
1) It must have the actual data points (not just a mean with the standard deviation)
2) It must have a story (two different groups measuring the same thing)
3) It must have a p-value between 0.06 and 0.05
In the end we decided to stop searching for real data and try to invent a data set that satisfied the above
criterion. By the time we were done we realized that exercise teaches as much about testing two means
as the planned discussion question would.
Your goal is to create a data set (with the invented story of how and why the data was collected).
Email your data set to me at scrawfo8@uwyo.edu
(no actual paper copy required to hand in)