Wrap-Up & Post-Course Assessment Physics I

Physics I
Class 27
Post-Course Assessment
Rev. 17-Aug-03 GB
Final Exam
If you missed one or more Unit Exams, excused or not, you must take
the Final Exam. Otherwise, it is optional.
You can sit for the final exam and decide at any time before you hand it
in that you do not want it graded. Sign your name on the “Do Not
Grade” line and we will keep it but not grade it.
If you hand the Final Exam in for grading, we will drop your one
lowest exam score (counting the final twice) when we calculate your
exam average.
Grades in Physics 1
Your numerical grade in Physics 1 is based on the following formula:
Exam Grades:
65% (3 unit exam average or the best 4 out of the
the optional final counted twice plus 3 unit exams)
Homework Grade: 10% (drop 10 points worth)
In-Class Work:
25% (drop 1 activity+quiz)
7/10 for activity, 3/10 for quiz grades
Your letter grade is based on your numerical grade with no rounding,
using cut-offs that we determine after the final exam.
Last semester it was 90.00 to 100.00 = A, 80.00 to 89.99 = B etc.
It is highly unlikely that this semester will be different.
Today’s Activity –
Post-Course Assessment Test
Today you will take the same Force Concepts Inventory test that you
took on the first day. You will get full credit for today’s activity (10
points) for taking this test seriously and doing your best, no matter what
your score. We use the results to improve Physics 1.
Do not spend an inordinate amount of time on any question. If you are
unsure of the answer, make your best guess and move on.
You have 30 minutes maximum.
When you have completed this exam and have handed it back with your
answer sheet, you are finished with Physics 1 except for the Final Exam
if you are taking it.