HW - Punnett Squares

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HW – Punnett Squares
Directions: Use the knowledge you gained today to determine the probability of offspring produced from the crosses
below. Be sure to show you work including the phenotypes for each cross.
1. In guinea pigs brown (B) fur is dominant over yellow fur (b). If a heterozygous male with brown fur is mated with a
homozygous recessive female, determine the percentage of their offspring that will have yellow fur.
2. In a certain species of flower, red (R) leaf color is dominant over white (r). If a red male flower is mated with a white
female flower, determine the possible offspring from the two crosses.
3. If individual #20 was to marry and have children with a color blind male (cc), determine the percentage of
their children that will be born with colorblindness. Show your work using the Punnett square below.