Mr. Cardillo 2015-2016 Class Rules

Mr. Cardillo
Class Rules
Algebra w/ Lab
1. Come to class on time and prepared. You must be in your seat, binder open, and
writing down the AIM as the bell rings. This means you are on time and ready to work!
2. Begin the Do Now as quickly as possible. Directions will be either on the
SmartBoard, chalkboard, or white board. Do not wait for me to remind you to begin.
When I begin class, I expect you to be working on the Do Now.
3. Bathroom Policy. Just know, if you are IN the bathroom, you are NOT in the
classroom. You are missing important information!
4. Raise Your Hand!!! Everybody in the classroom has something to offer and
interrupting questions/comments made by another student will not be taken lightly. Raise
your hand and wait until I call on you if you want to contribute to the class. DO NOT
call out!
4b. Do not talk with each other unless given permission. There should be
no talking amongst students when I am teaching. We will have many times where we
are in groups or pairs working collaboratively. Even then, students should be talking
about the material and class work, not anything else!
5. Do not eat in class unless you have been given special permission. The
classroom should be a place of learning, not eating. I understand that lunch periods may
be missed for unusual circumstances. Therefore, please talk to me before class starts and
we will work something out.
5b. Closed container drinks will be the only drinks allowed in the classroom. In
the computer lab, drinks must be placed on the floor.
6. Bring required materials every day unless you are otherwise directed.
Always bring your three ring loose leaf binder, a pen or pencil, and your calculator to
class everyday. A failure to have these materials when class starts will result in an
“unprepared” which will negatively affect your class grade.
7. Use polite speech and body language. Unkind teasing and impolite behavior is
8. Do not cheat. Students caught cheating will receive a zero and a phone call home.
Both the student who shares his work AND the person who copies it will suffer the same
consequences. I expect you to do your own work and to be sure no one can copy it.
9. Do your homework. Homework will be assigned 4 – 5 days a week. Homework will
be 15% of your overall grade. If you are absent, you should get the homework and
classwork from another student. You are responsible for that days work. If you know
you will be absent, please come see me and I will give you the work in advance! Late
homework will not be accepted.
a. Homework Policy: For each quarter, all students will start with a 100
as a homework grade. If a student doesn’t have their homework, it will be
a three-point deduction. For example, if a student misses 6 homework
assignments, that student will have a homework grade of 82 for that
10. No Electronics. The school policy is stated as “OFF and AWAY.” Cell phones or any
electronic devices must be turned off and put away. Any student disrupting the class
because of a cell phone or an electronic device will have it confiscated and given to the
Assistant Principal.
11. Grading Policy: As seen on the “Grade Expectation Sheet”, homework is 15%, class
work is 10%, and tests/quizzes are 75%. Some key points about the grading are:
a. Homework explained above.
b. Class work assignments such as individual worksheets and group
worksheets will be collected and graded. Make sure you focus and stay on
task during class time!
c. Quizzes are usually 10 – 15 questions and students will be told in advance
when they will have a quiz.
1. AIM Quizzes: These quizzes are given once or twice a marking
period. Write down the AIM everyday and these quizzes will be
an easy 100!
d. Tests are longer than quizzes. Students will be told in advance. If for
some circumstance there cannot be a review class, extra help will be given
either before or after school. Come talk to me if extra help is
needed/wanted and I will make every effort to provide it.