My Dream House Handout

__________________Mr. Vedder - Studio Art
My Dream House
History of Surrealism:
 Influenced by the theories
of the pioneer of
psychoanalysis, Sigmund
Freud, the images found in
surrealist works are as
confusing and startling as
those of dreams.
 Surrealist works can have a
realistic, though irrational
style, precisely describing
dreamlike fantasies, as in
the works of Salvador Dalí
& René Magritte.
 These artists were inspired
by Symbolism and the
procedure of "free
association" as a means to
eliminate conscious control
in order to express the
workings of the
unconscious mind.
Two-Point Perspective:
Perspective - The technique artists use to project an illusion of the
three-dimensional world onto a two-dimensional surface. Perspective
helps to create a sense of depth — of receding space.
 Horizon line - A level line where water or land seems to end and
the sky begins.
 Vanishing point - In linear perspective, the place on the horizon
where parallel lines seem to meet.
 Foreground - The area of a picture or field of vision, often at the
bottom, that appears to be closest to the viewer.
Middle ground - The part of an artwork that lies between the
foreground (nearest to the viewer) and the background.
Background - The part of a picture or scene that appears to be
farthest away from the viewer, usually nearest the horizon.