Welcome to Lifeskills

Welcome to LifeSkills
The Main Purpose of This Program Is to
Provide You Not Only Knowledge but the
Skills to Become Happier and More
Successful Adults
Welcome to LifeSkills
By becoming aware of the various factors
promoting substance abuse and how to deal with
these factors.
These skills will be needed not only for high
school, but can be used in college, as a single
person or married.
The skills will help you to become more
independent, responsible individual.
Ground Rules
One person talks at a time.
No one will be forced to participate if he/she
does not want to do so.
Students are free to express their opinions or
participate in group activities without being
subjected to criticism.
Everyone will be respected. Anything discussed
in group will remain confidential.
Self Image
What is self image.
Self image is the beliefs
and attitudes.
(Mental picture) we have
of ourselves.
Formation of Self Image
How does your self
image form?
Describe one or two past
experiences that form
your self image.
Self image is formed
through what other think
of us and our past
Self Image and Behavior
We tend to act like the
person we believe
ourselves to be.
Think = failure in math.
Behavior = act like a poor math student.
Self image affects how
good you feel about
Think = good about yourself.
Behavior = more confident, satisfied, do
better in school, more popular.
Self Image and Behavior
People who have a positive
self image are less likely to
smoke, drink, use drugs or
engage in other unhealthy
Do You Have One Self Image or
Many Different Ones?
Although we have a generalized self image, our
self image may be as numerous as our activities.
(For example one person may be a good baseball
player, a bad swimmer, a good writer, an
average math student all at the same time.
It is extremely important not to generalize from
one or two bad experiences.
For example if we do poorly in a sport we should
not think of ourselves as a failure in all sports or
a failure in general.
How to improve self image.
Since self image is linked to our experiences
with specific situations, abilities, beliefs,
attitudes, it is possible to develop more positive
self image by learning to change for the better
these facts or situations.
How to improve self image
Never form a negative image of yourself after
one or two bad experiences.
Tack stock. Look at yourself as realistically as
possible. Identify your strengths and
Work on improving in areas that you are weak in
by setting and achieving
Self Improvement Project
Let’s work on improving self image.
What one skill or behavior you would like to
improve or change about yourself?
Self Improvement Project
Pick a goal that is realistic.
Pick a goal that is manageable, that you can
break down into small steps.
Pick a goal that is measurable.
Pick something you really want to do rather than
something you think you should do.
Tips for Achieving your goal
Have a positive attitude.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
If you don’t reach a particular goal or step don’t think of
yourself as a failure.
Praise yourself for any progress you have made
towards achieving your goal.
Identify areas that need further improvement.
Use your imagination.