Women Writers

Women Writers
Grade Expectation
Women Writers is a half-year course, which satisfies the spring-semester
requirement for senior-year English. During the course, students will be
introduced to major women writers and the themes they often wrote about. Along
with the major genres of novels, poetry, drama, and short stories, this course
explores the minor genres of diaries, letters, speeches, histories, and other literary
forms, which the women often used to express their thoughts.
Classroom Rules:
 All school rules apply.
 Raise your hand if you have a question.
 Keep all cell phones, sidekicks, etc. off. Failure to do so may result in
disciplinary action.
 You must sign out to use the restroom.
 Begin working on the Do Now as soon as you enter class.
 Copy Homework Assignment down before you leave.
Each day you must bring the following to class:
A pen or pencil
Any texts with which we are working
The previous night’s homework assignment
Homework will be assigned four times a week.
 Grading Policy:
o Homework
o Class Participation
o Quizzes
o Tests/Essays/Project
 Extra Help hours will be posted in the English office.
 The department phone number is 539-9423.