Web Page Design

Web Page Design
1 credit – Full year course
Fall 2015 & Spring 2016
8th period 1:25 – 2:08 Room 129
Web Design is a full-year course designed to provide students with the
knowledge and skills needed to become proficient in coding Web
Pages. Students will learn how to create web pages writing xHTML 1.0 and
Cascading Style Sheets. Students will create custom animation using Adobe
Flash CS4. This course offers the opportunity to earn three college credits
through the ACE program at LIU CW Post University.
Classroom Work
(Includes participation)
At the end of the year, the student will achieve the following:
Google drive or Flash drive
Standard1: Create Web pages writing xHTML/CSS
 Design web pages using CSS
 Independently complete mini projects using CSS
 Create the E-portfolio project using CSS
College Credit
Standard 2: Use Adobe Flash CS4 to create Animation
 Demonstrate an understanding of animation using Flash
 Incorporate Flash animation into a web page.
Students are expected to be present, prepared and participate every day.
This entails having a pen or pencil, notebook/folder, and assignments
Cell phones should be away throughout the entire class period.
Attendance in this course is a must. Please familiarize yourself with the
district attendance policy. 3 lates = 1 absence; up to 24 absences in a full
year course, up to 12 absences in a semester course.
It is your responsibility upon returning from being absent to find out
what work they have missed and to make up the work within 2 days of
your return.
Respect the right of others, along with the equipment/furniture in the
Effort goes a long way-always try your best!
Participation is key…it is also 20% of your grade!
Always do your own work.
Complete all weekly homework assignments neatly and on time.
Please stay seated until the bell rings.
No food or drinks in computer lab.
This college level course allows
you to earn up to 3 college credits
through Long Island University.
Credits are transferable to other
Tuition is at a FRACTION of the
actual tuition cost, only $420 for a
3 credit course—you are getting a
discount here!
Deadline dates are online.
Students, this is a great
opportunity, and I encourage you
to be proactive and discuss this
opportunity with your parents.
It is a pleasure to serve as your child’s
teacher. If you have any questions or
concerns, please feel free to contact me
through Floral Park Memorial’s Business
Office at 516-488-9322 or reach me at
Ms. Rafiq
I have read the preceding information pertaining to the expectations and responsibilities of Ms. Rafiq’s class.
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