Advanced PreCalculus Grade Expectation Sheet

Math 11A
2015 – 2016 Grade Expectation Sheet
Student’s Name:_________________________________
Teacher: Mrs. Messina
Course: Pre-Calculus 11 Advanced
I. Classroom Rules:
 Students are to arrive to class on time. Lateness will result in disciplinary action.
 Cell phones must be turned off during class.
 Students are to be seated and working on the Do Now when the bell rings.
 Class participation is necessary and is reflected in your grade.
 Any work missed due to an absence must be made up.
II. Students must bring the following to class everyday:
 Five subject college ruled notebook
 One ½ three ring binder and pencils
III. Homework:
 Homework will be assigned every night and notes should be reviewed daily.
IV. Grades:
 Tests/Quizzes
 Homework
 Classwork
V. St. John’s University Credits:
 Students are given the opportunity to earn 3 credits each semester at a set fee. The credits are
transferrable to certain schools if the student’s grade meets the transfer requirement. Each
student will receive a letter with more detailed information shortly.
VI. Extra Help:
 I am available for extra help and times will be discussed during class.
VII. Contact:
 Please feel free to call me in the Math Office at (516) 539 – 9426 (voicemail X5031).
 My email address is: [email protected]
Parent’s Name: _________________________________________
Home Phone # ___________________
Parent’s Signature: ________________________________ Business/Cell Phone #_____________________
Parent email address: ______________________________________________________________________
Guidance Counselor: ___________________________________
Lunch Period _____ Study Hall ______