Minor in History (HISTORY)

Minor in History (HISTORY)
Department of History, College of Liberal Arts
Effective Fall 2014
This program requires 18 semester hours of history courses with at least 9 semester
hours in 300 or 400 level courses. The Department advises that students take the
two 100 level history courses before taking 300 or 400 level history courses for the
The minor includes:
Two 100 level history courses – 6 credits
One 200 or 300 level history course – 3 credits
Three 300 or 400 level history courses – 9 credits
The program for the history minor provides the following features: two courses at
the 100 level that are basic to the study of history; flexibility in framing a minor
pertinent to the student’s academic interest; and at least three courses at an
advanced level.