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Invention I want to make

Why do people invent some form of things?
Probably, they want to make the world, our lives better, easier in some way or maybe to have fun.
For example, someone invented the car to make it easier to travel, and someone else invented the
lightbulb to make it easier to see. It means that the world is changing. And it will continue to evolve
over time.
Innovative ideas are revolutionary. But then again, a new invention often comes out of a desire to
make your life more comfortable. You just need to find a problem that needs to be solved.
Innovation allows us to find an absolutely original solution. Moreover, it is not only about
uniqueness, but its relevance.
My family has an average garden, where we grow vegetables, trees, berries, greens, flowers, etc.
Since we work there for six months a year, I want to invent something that will help me with it. My
mom always forces me to pull out the weeds between the patches, which I hate to do. So this
appliance will be doing it easily just by pressing the right button all summer long.
This weed puller will look like a stick-formed mechanical device with a handle and a protruding part
on the base and pointy four barbs for digging out the weeds. We will produce it of solid plastic
which will make it adjustable and strong. Its adaptive length from 50 cm to 100 cm will allow you
not to bend down anymore. But it will not weigh heavy to make it light-touch to grip. There will
also be a pumping attachment to throw the resulting mess.
This is how it will work: you will pop the barbs into the center of the plant and apply some pressure
on it using your foot. As it was mentioned above, it will have a decent height so there will not be
any difficulties to anyone with a bad back. Now it's a simple case of edging the tool towards you.
Then you will remove the weed with a pumper and that’s it. Just few minutes later you will have
removed a whole bunch of weeds easily.
I’m sure that this tool is going to be a handy, comfortable, simple to use and it will absolutely do its