Majid Abab “Kaz” Takeda Moderators :

“Kaz” Takeda
IAB Past Chair; IE Manager @ Disneyland Resort
Majid Abab
IAB Chair Elect; IE Manager @ The Boeing Company
Coaching/Advising The Next Generation of IE’s
• Intent:
Create an infrastructure of industry leaders and experts that
will share career guidance and suggestions to those in the
profession of the Industrial Engineering in need of help to
navigate their career
 The sessions are not intended as a “job shop” but guidance to
assist in determining:
Where they are
Where they want to go
Explore possibilities and how to help move toward their goals..
Opportunity to meet industry representatives after the panel
IIE, IIE IAB and Young Professional Group Joining Forces to Help
The Next Generation of IE’s succeed…
Panel Members:
Deborah A. Laudenslager
Mfg Manager @ The Hershey Company
Roman Hltukowsky
Founder and Principal @ The Hlutkowsky
Hitesh bajaj
Client Solution s Director @ ARAMARK
Johann (Hans) G. Demmel
Sr Manager Systems Engr @ Raytheon
Michael Mueller
Industrial Engr. Manager @ John Deere