Project Ch ecklist

Is this Project Fit for Purpose?
This diagnostic tool is intended to help you and your colleagues to judge how well placed
your project is to succeed. The statements in the tool are based on established good
practice in project management.
Consider each of the statements and tick the box if you are satisfied that it is true. Note the
evidence you have for this (or the reason for doubt if you tick ‘don’t know’). Be honest, and
do try not to be unnecessarily cautious by ticking ‘don’t know’ too often. Add up your ticks
to see how your project looks.
We have a shared idea of the major
project stakeholders.
We have looked at the interests of the
various stakeholders systematically.
A communication strategy is in place for
dealing with stakeholders.
We know which of the stakeholders has
the final say on the project deliverables.
The overall leadership of the project is
clearly allocated to one individual.
The processes for the project leader to
lead/manage the project are in place.
The leadership processes are already
working well.
The goals/objectives of the project are
clear and well understood.
We are all clear about what the project will
cover and what is definitely excluded.
This understanding is shared by at least
the major stakeholders.
The scope of the project feels achievable
to us.
The success criteria for the project have
been worked out.
We have identified external standards by
which to measure success, e.g. industry
The quality standards expected are
consistent with the resources available,
e.g. time.
Agree Don't
Why Do You Think That?
We have carried out a systematic risk
assessment for the project.
We have a shared view of how we plan to
manage the risks.
We have established contingency plans to
deal with key risks.
Stakeholders have endorsed the risk
management strategy.
The time available to complete the project
is tight but sufficient.
We have identified the skills, expertise
and knowledge that we need.
And we know exactly how they will be
made available to the project.
Other resources such as accommodation,
equipment, etc. will be made available.
There is a specific budget for the project.
The budget is sufficient to achieve the
project deliverables.
We are clear what circumstances might
trigger an increase or decrease in budget.
We communicate effectively in both
written and oral medium.
We are all good at listening to what other
team members have to say.
Team presentations are professionally
delivered and easily understood.
Upward and downward feedback is timely
and constructive.
Formal meetings are structured and
attendance is 100%.
The team is aware of the effects of
communication through body language
and non-verbal communication.
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