Theatre Forum (TART 51AD) Syllabus (section 72701 & 74060)
Fall Semester 2011
Tony Carreiro Instructor
Phone: 562-938-4946
Esteban Moreno, Administrative Assistant
Email: [email protected]
Office: Auditorium Lobby - J134
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 562-938-4563
Web: www.lbcc.edu/tdf
This class offers you the opportunity to attend a variety of performances illustrating the theatre, film &
dance experience. These performances feature presentations of one-act plays, full length plays, student film
performances and dance performances.
Since the programs each week are live presentations, regular and consistent attendance in this class
is extremely important. Also, as in live theatre performances you would attend off-campus, all cellular phones
must be turned off and it is expected that you will arrive on time to be seated before the performance
begins. Food or drink may not be consumed during the performance. No one will be admitted late to this class!
No exceptions! (As in all classes the student policies & regulations on student conduct & academic honesty
apply and must be followed and maintained).
Record of Attendance:
Your attendance will be recorded on the back of each program you receive. Sign your name on the
appropriate line for that week of the class. There will be approximately 3 or 4 simple questions on each
program along with a space for your name and student I.D. This is the only record we will have of your
attendance. As you leave the theatre after the performance has concluded, you will turn in your program with
the answers to the questions. For the main stage performances there will be a short paper (one page) due
within one week opf seeing the performance. Simply turn in your paper by the due date and you will receive
credit for that performance.. This is the proof of your attendance. If you should leave any performance early debit
points are earned.
Grading Procedures:
Grading is based on attendance at classes (performances), required performances and your Mid-Term and
Final papers results, as follows:
50% of your grade is based on attendance.
25% on your Mid-Term paper and 25% on your Final paper.
It is strongly suggested that after the performances in TART 51AD you discuss the experience in your other
Theatre classes. This discussion will assist you in understanding the performance and theatrical elements
Performance Schedule & Information:
The performance schedule gives you the specific dates and times of performances and programs. Please
review this performance schedule carefully. Although the class regularly meets on Wednesdays at 12:45PM
(72701) and Thursdays at 11am, (74060) you will have the option to attend performances at alternate times:
Tuesdays at 11am and/or Wednesdays at 12:45pm. You need to attend only one class or performance per
week. On weeks that you are scheduled to attend a Main stage production, there will not be a daytime class
meeting, as you will be attending your class performance in the evening or during a weekend. For major
productions you will need to purchase a student ticket (at the Box Office 45 minutes prior to each
performance) in order to attend. Performances and meetings will be in the auditorium or the Studio Theatre H103, unless otherwise noted. The Department’s major evening/weekend productions this semester include
Jan’s show by Eve Ensler, Almost Main by Joihn Cariani and the LBCC Fall Dance Ensemble In Concert. Any
changes in locations, dates, performances, and cast/crew will be posted and/or announced in classes as soon
as possible.
Due to scheduling challenges every once in awhile there will be a “one time only” performance. Thses usually
happen on Thursday mornings. We will do our best to always give you at least a Wednesday & Thursday
option and usualy you will have three chances to see the performances. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
Please check the calendar or contact Esteban Moreno at 562-938-4563 for more information.