CPW/ELDW – Center for Community Organizing, Slovakia

CPW/ELDW – Center for Community Organizing, Slovakia
We had an interesting opening event on Monday evening, September 21 when a new citizens
group held a public meeting with the owner of the temporary indoor pool which will open 1st
October. They asked him to keep the same discounts that were provided by the municipally
owned pool that is now closed for renovation. He agreed to all the proposed changes. The city
Mayor also came to the meeting. It was a nice way to launch the new group with their first
We implemented four "cafe dialogues" as a part of our ELDW activities. We are partnering
with a new group trying to re-build culture in the city and we agreed to work together on a big
event with culture activities happening simultaneously in four different neighborhoods the
weekend when we kicked off ELDW. The City also had been working with us on the event.